Sixteen - Oh no you didn't!

When you really really need something to be working and it isn't... I'll be away from my desk for a few days and, during that time or any time I'm away from my desk, I rely heavily on my phone to run my business... So, of course, I'm helping one of the kids with his bike and it slips out of my pocket and lands flat on its face - I don't pick it up, i have that "something bad just happened" feeling... I was right... 

Sixteen : Day Nine | September 23rd, 2016

So bummed right now...

Sixteen - The road less travelled?

We make our choices, right? (No, straight...) Right! 

Sixteen : Day Eight | Thursday September 22nd, 2016

"Sixteen" is the focal length... I'm using the lovely Sony a7RMk2 with my Sony 16-35mm f/4.0 lens at 16mm... 16mm is a challenging focal length, it allows you to bend and stretch as you see fit - my feet aren't really that big. Honest.

I've included a snapshot of the 16mm factor, below, if you're interested. 

Sixteen - Given to fly

Maybe I'm obsessed with flight? 

Sixteen : Day Seven | Thursday September 21st, 2016

Today was a day of work, mostly, I was sorting out some bits and pieces in the office and had to lay out this lot... Drones, Quads, Trouble... Whatever you call them, I like them. I'm not great at flying them, for instance, I dropped that small green one into a large pot of water that was sitting on the sink - it lived. I made a work-day bet with myself, that, if I wanted to go to the kitchen for a coffee, I had to fly the small green one out of my office, through the house, under the chair in the lounge and into the kitchen to land on my espresso machine - it kinda worked once or twice. 

A fun departure, sometimes. 


Sixteen - Hammer it home

I'm a freelance social media and community manager, I work from wherever I am - mostly - and 90% of that "wherever I am" is home. This means that I can schedule in things to do during my regular working day, which is mostly broken in two - mornings and evenings, with the middle of the day mostly working on relevant projects or, for the last four years, this old falling down house. We're about to start a major renovation, but before we do, there are a few things that we've been advised to do, one of those is to replace the north boundary fence - simple process aside from the entire north boundary being set in concrete... Most of it I removed with a massive crow-bar, but this last bit - the entire back yard - I had to hire in a smallish jack-hammer... 

Sixteen : Day Six | Thursday September 20th, 2016

You feel like the work is never done, that's because it is never done. 

Sixteen - beyond the walls

School holidays started today, Mr 6 and Mr 2 were at home with me, the photograph for today was going to be on the walk to the park - we were headed there for a Basketball match (Seb won, 2:1) ...anyways, we were low on time, so there was no walk, just a quick drive to the park / shops, so we parked atop the shopping centre, where I used to hang with a couple of mates - well, not hang, but after band practice we'd get Maccas and sit up there until security came and booted us out - I wish I had a photo from then, the city skyline was perfectly visible, now, not so much... Transitional Richmond, hand in hand with things like "The Walled City" etc...

Sixteen : Day Five | Thursday September 19th, 2016

I miss and I don't miss those days...